For over four decades the VK2RDX 2m repeater at Mt Bindo, has provided coverage from Sydney across the Blue Mountains and west to Bathurst and Orange. Overtime the repeater's performance did decline, so in recent years a team of dedicated amateur radio operators from Sydney and Bathurst areas, have been working to restore and improve the VK2RDX site. The work included removing rust and corrosion causing passive inter-modulation issues and receiver de-sensing, refurbishing antenna systems, replacing the original "REX" 2m repeater with a newer ex-commercial equipment, new customised repeater controller based on the design by John Drew VK5DJ and upgrading and expanding power supply capacity.

The 2m FM repeater operates on 146.650 MHz with a negative 600 kHz input offset. This repeater also features "Smart Squelch", activated by users transmitting a 91.5 Hz CTCSS tone on the repeater input, improving receiver sensitivity by 2 to 3 dB, beneficial for mobile and distance stations. The repeater will operate normally without the 91.5 Hz CTCSS tone.

On Sunday, the 2m FM repeater re-broadcasts the morning and afternoon news from the studios of Amateur Radio NSW in Dural. The previous weekend saw the most call backs for the last 12 months, following the morning broadcast. With the assistance of Amateur Radio NSW, the repeater team have also installed a 70cm DMR repeater, part of the RadNet and VKDMR networks, operating on 438.1500 MHz with a input frequency of 431.1500 MHz.

All amateur radio operators are welcome to use the VK2RDX repeaters. The VK2RDX site is sponsored by The St George Amateur Radio Society.