The VK2RKG 2m FM repeater has been relocated to a new location at Raglan, near Kelso in the Central Tablelands, about 150 kms northwest from Sydney. Designed as an infill repeater to provide coverage of the local area around Kelso and Bathurst, the VK2RKG repeater also includes a link to the VK2RCW 2m FM repeater, located in Central West region.

The repeater output frequency is 146.900 MHz with a negative 600 kHz input offset. No CTCSS. Please program this repeater into your FM transceiver and give a call when you are next in the Bathurst area.

The VK2RKG repeater was the inspiration of the Kelso Amateur Radio Group, recently progressed by Josh VK2MES with a custom designed repeater controller. Various other hardware components have been provided by members of The St George Amateur Radio Society, with support and assistance from other local amateur radio operators. The VK2RKG is a great example of collaboration between amateur radio operators and groups.

More information on the VK2RKG repeater can be found here