The Foundation Licence is a stepping stone or entry point, giving you a real taste of Amateur Radio and the fun it provides.

It is for those wanting to enjoy Amateur Radio, to have the knowledge and skills to demonstrate a practical ability to put together a station from commercial equipment (or equipment you build yourself if you are really keen), and to operate it safely.

You will need to attend a course (or buy a course manual and study it yourself- see the WIA website- to learn the information you need to pass the exam in order to gain a Foundation Licence. This will allow you to perform a wide range of activities including:

  • Communicate with others via analogue radio on multiple frequency bands
  • Communicate with others via digital radio modes
  • Experiment with transmitting your own Television images,
  • … and much more

There are also Standard and Advanced licences that you can gain later if you decide you want to. Your course will cover things like;

  • the radio spectrum
  • licence conditions
  • technical basics of electricity and electronics
  • basics of transmitters, receivers, feed lines and antennas
  • basics of signal propagation, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), and electromagnetic radiation (EMR).
  • what to say and how to say it