How to Join SGARS Online Meetings

SGARS is using Google Meet which is part of the Google business suite of tools (known as G Suite). There's a link to Google's support information at the end of this article.

There are several ways to join in. The easiest way to enjoy the full experience is seated comfortably in front of a computer with a video webcam, a microphone and speaker. The microphone and speaker could also be a USB audio headset. A video webcam is only needed if you wish for the meeting to be able to see you.

You can use a computer with no audio or video to simply view the presentation and dial in via telephone to listen and speak.

We've gone with this particular conferencing option as it provides the most flexibility by also providing a telephone dial in.

Tips for Joining our Online Meetings

You can join via Computer, Smartphone or via Telephone

To join via Computer, ensure you have one of the following web browsers.

Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge.

Note that Internet Explorer (IE) is not supported by default but it can be made to work with a driver. Go to the Google support link at the end for details on how to install the driver for Internet Explorer. No drivers are needed for the supported browsers.

To join via a Smartphone you’ll need to install the Google Meet app.

Android -

Apple (IOS) -

Joining a Meeting

Joining via Computer - Click the meeting invite link (or copy into browser).

e.g. -   (note - the text after is the meeting code)

The meeting code mfm-mfwt-dtw used above is an EXAMPLE ONLY. Meeting codes change for each meeting so make sure you check the code on the website or in your email for the meeting that you are planning to join. 

If asked by your browser to give permission to use your camera and microphone - provide permission by clicking the relevant option (e.g. "Allow").

If you’re already signed into Google via your web browser (say email if you have gmail), you won’t be prompted to enter a name. Your name in the meeting will be the name associated with the account.

However, if you prefer to not be seen with your normal Google identity, the easiest thing to do is open a new "Private Window" of your browser. Look for the "New Private Window" option - most likely under the File menu.

If you're not signed into Google, you'll be asked to enter a name. We suggest entering your first name and callsign (like your member badge at the club).

At this point you’ll be asked if you’re “Ready to join?”. Click "Ask to join" and at this point, a meeting host will be prompted to admit you to the meeting. You don’t need to do anything more (except be patient). When admitted, you’ll see the other attendees plus any presented content.

Verifying audio and video settings

At the bottom right of the video screen there are three vertical dots. Clicking this will bring up a menu with various options. Click "Settings" to bring up audio and video options.

If you have multiple audio devices, this is where you can select the appropriate one. For example, if you're using a laptop - it may have a built in microphone and speaker. If you're using an audio headset connected via USB, you'll need to ensure that it is selected under the audio settings for microphone and speaker (usually has the brand name in the description - e.g. Logitech). If you're completely using the built in hardware of a laptop, the setting may say "System Default Device" meaning it's what the operating system is set to using.

There are options to help you test as well. Speaking will make the little dots next to the mic icon flicker. Clicking "Test" next to the speaker icon will make a phone ringing sound.

Click Done when the settings are correct.

Joining via Smartphone

You’ll need a Google account to use the smartphone app. The app won’t allow you to join a meeting without signing in.  

If you need to create a google account, go to, click "sign in" at the top right, click "create account" and follow the instructions.

Once signed in, you can tap “Enter a Meeting Code”. That’s the code that’s at the end of the URL - above example is: mfm-mfwt-dtw  (you don’t need to enter the dashes).

Joining via Telephone

Simply dial the phone number in the meeting invite and when prompted to do so, enter the PIN followed by the “#” on your phone keypad. You’ll be joined to the conference and will be able to hear and speak.

More detailed help is available here:


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