Digital Mobile Radio repeaters provide access to different Talk Groups, to facilitate connection to geographical locations, both nationally and internationally. The following Talk Groups have been added to all VK DMR repeaters;

  • TG9 (Time Slot 1) - Local Repeater Stand Alone
  • TG9 (Time Slot 2) - Local Repeater Stand Alone
  • TG133 (Time Slot 1) - DMR+ Connection USA
  • TG143 (Time Slot 1) - DMR+ Connection UK
  • TG153 (Time Slot 1) - DMR+ Connection South Pacific
  • TG5050 (Time Slot 2) - VK Sandbox (User Defined for VK only)
  • TG50521 (Time Slot 2) - Wicen VK2 Region
  • TG50523 (Time Slot 2) - Guides and Scouts VK2 Region

Talk Groups TG13 (TS1) and TG505 (TS2) are 24/7 connections. All other talk groups are user activated, and remain connected for 10 minutes from the last PTT activation. Worldwide TG1 - maximum 2 minutes.

Sydney metro DMR Tier 2 repeaters include;

  • Sydney South VK2RLE 438.425 MHz minus 5MHz
  • Sydney East VK2RCG 439.500 MHz minus 5MHz
  • Sydney North VK2RRW 438.100 MHz minus 5MHz

For simplex contacts (not using a repeater) use TG505 on 439.200 MHz, on either Time Slot 1 or 2.

For more information please download Issue 6 of the DMR newsletter from the VK/ZL DMR Facebook page.