JOTA at Endeavour Boree Regatta

A JOTA radio station is one of the activities provided during the Endeavour Boree Regatta, at the Bonna Point Reserve (near Kurnell), with the opportunity for guides and scouts to earn challenge and proficiency badges.

There is a choice of three different activities provided at the JOTA radio station.

ON AIR– An opportunity to make voice contact with other Guides and Scouts, somewhere in the world, and exchange information and ideas about their favourite guiding or scouting activities.

Amateur Radio operators will use a selection of different communication mediums from traditional short wave (HF-SSB), FM (frequency modulation) bands, to modern digital communications modes. On Air is a group (unit / troop) activity. The Boree Regatta JOTA call sign is VK2LE.

FOX HUNT– Two covert radio transmitters (the FOX) will be hidden within the Boree Regatta camp site. Guides and Scouts will have an opportunity to HUNT for the hiding place using radio direction finding equipment. The techniques used are similar to WWII spy transmitter detection — but the equipment is a little more modern. Fox Hunt is a group (unit / troop) activity. Leaders should allow 20 to 30 minutes for this activity.

RADIO STATION SETUP An opportunity for youth members to learn about how to setup and operate a radio station, with the assistance of a qualified radio operator, and earn a relevant challenge / proficiency badge. This activity is for individual guides or scouts aged 10 years or older. This activity is conducted in small groups, under the supervision of a scout or guide leader, taking about 30 minutes.

REGISTRATION – To participate in any of the three JOTA activities, leaders must register their unit or troop, or individual guide or scout, with the Boree Registrar by selecting a suitable 30 minute time slot(s).

GUIDE CHALLENGE & SCOUT PROFICIENCY BADGES Guides and Scouts attending the Boree Regatta, have an opportunity to earn a challenge or proficiency badge as part of attending the JOTA radio station. This is an optional individual activity for youth members aged 10 years or older.

Some work will need to be completed prior to attending the Boree Regatta, followed by participating in one of the JOTA activities described above. For more information about the badges available click here.