DX Expeditions - The Ultimate Holiday Experience  
Wednesday 02 June 2021, 19:30

DXPeditions – If there is one word that will cause an amateur operator’s ears to prick up – this would be it. Whether it is a lone person operating ‘holiday style’ to a multi-million dollar, years in the planning Top 10 Most Wanted – the DXPedition always arouses interest, often with something for everyone – CW, SSB, digital modes and, in some cases, even satellite operations.

Every edition of AR magazine lists current and planned DXPeditions, ARNSW’s news service identifies ongoing operations. DXPeditions span IOTA, WWFF, DXCC, Prefix awards, CQ Zones, ITU Zones and regions to name just a few.

The next SGARS gathering, to be held in ‘hybrid mode’(i.e. a combination of ‘in person’ and ‘virtual video conferencing using Google Meet’), on Wednesday evening 2nd June commencing at 7:30pm will be an opportunity to take a look at some of the behind the scenes planning as well as the operations of some of the better known DXPeditions of the last two decades via a screening of one of Bob Allphin’s (K4UEE) DXPedition DVDs (Bob, the copyright owner, has very kindly granted permission for SGARS and the owner of these DVDs to utilise them in this fashion and for this purpose). 

Those present, either in-person or virtually, will be able to vote from the following list of DVDs to decide which one we will screen:

  • 3X5A, Guinea, West Africa – CQ World-Wide DX CW Contest 2007 (39m10s)
  • 3Y0X, Peter I Island DXPedition, Antarctica 2006 (61m43s)
  • Seven “DXPeditions of the Year’ – The Untold Stories – remembered by Bob Allphin K4UEE covering AH1A – Howland Island (1993), XR0Y – Easter Island(1995), VK0IR – Heard Island(1997), FO0AAA – Clipperton Island(2000), A52A – Bhutan(2001), 3Y0X – Peter I Island (2006) and VU7RG – Lakshadweep Island(2007) (34m49s)
  • K5D – Desecheo Island 2009 (50m15s)
  • VP8THU - South Sandwich Islands and VP8GEO – South Georgia Island 2002 (29m40s)
  • K5K – Kingman Reef 2000 (21m40s)
  • XT2DX – The VOODudes 2002 DXPedition to Burkina Faso (21m25s)
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