Sep 2020 Presentation - Introduction to Arduino for Amateur Radio  
Wednesday 02 September 2020, 19:30 - 22:00

An Introduction to the Arduino and it's Application in Amateur Radio

Cameron, VK2CKP, will be introducing the Arduino microcontroller platform and its application to amateur radio.  Cameron began programming in BASIC in the late 1980s (on an Amstrad CPC6128) before learning assembly (Motorola 8600 series), Pascal and C in university. Today, his ‘platform of preference’ is the Arduino. Cameron will be showing us how to get started, the available ‘forms’ of the products and some insights into the ‘gotchas’ as well as present a number of projects he has developed using the platform.

Cameron's Arduino presentation will begin at 7.30pm, this coming Wednesday evening 2nd September 2020, on your computer or smart device screen. To join the on line gathering, use a web browser (perferably Google Chrome) and copy the following link;

Only if prompted, enter your name & callsign, otherwise just click "Ask to Join". Help on how to join can be found at:

If the browser / computer asks for permission to use your camera and microphone please "allow" this if you want to participate in the meeting and have others be able to see and hear you, or,

Join by phone (for audio only): Dial 02 9051 5374  - when prompted, enter the following PIN followed by the "#" key on your phone: 120 019 826? #

We look forward to seeing/hearing from you all. Information about all SGARS events can be found here    

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