June Presentation - Antenna Coupling Units  
Wednesday 06 June 2018, 19:30 - 22:00

Antenna Coupling Units (ACUs) are not the same as Antenna Tuning Units (ATUs) – all you need for ATUs are side-cutters, or if you were too enthusiastic, a soldering iron.

  • Where does the ACU fit among all the other components in the total system between sender and receiver?
  • Why do we need ACUs?
  • How do ACUs work?

Brian VK2GCE will discuss these questions and then proceed to show how to design a simple ACU, the ?-coupler. This will include consideration or power, frequency, Voltage and current on the ACU’s components.

If you are offered an ACU that is alleged to handle 1 kW, you will learn to ask:

  • at what frequency
  • at what output impedance
  • to match what range of antenna impedances
  • at what cost.

The St George Amateur Radio Society will be gathering for the regular monthly presentation in the meeting rooms are at Donnelly Park, Kyle Parade, Connells Point - near South Hurstville. The gathering starts at 7.30pm.

After the presentation, there will be the usual refreshments. All members, local amateurs and others interested are invited to attend.

For more information visit our web site www.sgars.org

Location Donnelly Park, Kyle Parade, Connells Point (near South Hurstville) NSW
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