The St George Amateur Radio Society 2m VHF Contest has returned for the Summer season, commencing 1st December 2016 and ending 28th February 2017.

The contest is open to all SGARS members and is conducted on the 2m Amateur Radio band as defined within the relevant legislative documents.

The contest is a self‐reporting (no QSL cards required) contacts based contest.

There are Three Operating divisions are as follows:

  • Analogue Voice (not limited to AM, FM, SSB)
  • Digital Voice (not limited to DSTAR, P25)
  • Non‐voice (digital and/or analogue including CW and any other “non‐voice” mode)

For full details you can download a copy of the contest rules click here

Due to illness and inclement weather the coverage survey of the VK2RDX 2m repeater, planned for Sunday 18th December 2016, has been postponed to date to be determined.

The purpose of the survey will be to obtain data relating to the performance of both the repeater transmitter and receiver system. The results of this survey will be used to assist in assessing the performance of the VK2RDX 2m repeater and determining further actions to be undertaken.