Amateur Radio Contest and Field Days

contest   What is a Contest ?

Contests are a popular part of the amateur radio and gives you an opportunity to practice and develop your operating skills and techniques, and to see how well your station is performing. Also contest get plenty of stations on the air and to increase the opportunities for making contacts.

field day  What is a Field Day ?

A Field Day is a contest especially for portable stations, operating from a good location such as a hilltop or quiet location away from RF noise. Often operators camp out overnight. Apart from having fun, Field Days are a great way to check out your equipment in the field and to experiment with light weight, easily transportable equipment and antennas.

2013 Events Calender of Presentations and Activities.

SGARS holds regular meetings each first Wednesday evening of each month, except January. These meetings are generally a technical presentation related to an aspect of amateur radio.

During the year, SGARS also has arranged a number of daytime activities including field trips, radio direction finding and licence training and assessment.

The following table lists the meeting topics and activities planned for 2013. Some activities may be tentative and subject to confirmation.