The Don Edwards Memorial Slow Morse Contest 2021


Intent: The intention of the Don Edwards Memorial Slow Morse Contest is to remember Don Edwards VK2NV (SK) a long time member of the St. George Amateur Radio Society and keen Morse operator. A further intention of the contest is to encourage amateurs who rarely or never use Morse code to give it a try. 


When: The contest will be held on the second weekend of May, close to Don's birthday. The contest is held in two parts 

Saturday evening 8th May 2021 between 6pm and 9pm Eastern Standard Time (0800 - 1100 utc) on 80 metres. 

Sunday afternoon 9th May 2021 between 1pm and 4pm Eastern Standard Time (0300 - 0600 utc) on 40 metres. 


Who: The contest is open to all VK and ZL amateurs. The contest is open only to single, non-assisted stations. Multi-operator stations are not permitted. 


Where: On the 80 metre and 40 metre bands. Frequencies and power levels in accordance with the current LCDs. 


Modes (The important bit): The mode for use is ICW (mostly commonly called CW and marked as such on most radios). The Morse is to be sent by hand and received by ear. NO keyboards, memory keyers or computer readers are to be used. Hand sent Morse code can be from a straight key, a mechanical bug or an electronic keyer - BUT NO MEMORY OR CANNED MESSAGES. 


Speed: To encourage amateurs who do little or no Morse, speed will be limited to 10 words per minute. Experienced operators are encouraged to go slower if the other station has difficulty keeping up. 


Scoring: Each contact will be counted as 1 point. 


Bonus points: Contestants who were licensed without passing a Morse Code test (at any speed) can self declare and add 2 bonus points per band. Contestants who also self declare that "they had fun" during the contest can add 1 extra bonus point. 


Operation: Operation is permitted from home, portable or mobile. Operators are encouraged to regularly change frequency within their LCDs. 


Logs: Logs entries must show; Date, Time, Frequency, your serial number (2 digits), other station's serial number (2 digits), other station's name. 


Logs must also show Scores per band, Bonus points and total score. 


Contacts with other stations no participating on the contest can be recorded as NIC (Not In Contest) rather than a serial number. 


Logs are to be submitted by midnight 31st May 2021 to either This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 


The Contest Manager 

St. George Amateur Radio Society 

P.O. Box 530 Engadine NSW 2233 


Entrants are encouraged to submit a photograph of their station set-up including their key, paddle or keyer. 


Certificates: Certificates will be issued to winners and place getters as well as participation certificates. These will be determined after the contest. 


Peter 0'Connell VK2EMU 

17th April 2021