Contesting is an excellent way for new amateur radio operators or those returning to the hobby, to gain some operating experiencing without the fear finding something to talk about. In a contest, contacts between stations are very structured with exchange of callsign, signal reports and usually a serial number.

December 1st to February 29th - SGARS 2 Metre Contest

January 1st to 31st - Ross Hull Contest
January 14th to 15th - Summer VHF-UHF Field Day
March 18th to 19th - John Moyle Field Day
May 6th - Harry Angel Sprint
June - Australian VK Shires Contest
June 24th to 25th - Winter VHF/UHF field Day
July 15th - VK / Trans-Tasman Low Band Challenge
July 29th - SGARS 80 Metre Trophy Contest
August 12th to 13th - Remembrance Day Contest
August 19th to 20st - Lighthouse and Lightship Contest
August - ALARA Contest
September - All Asian DX Contest, Phone
October - Oceania DX Contest SSB
November - Keith Roget Memorial National Parks Award (VK3)
November - Spring VHF-UHF Field Day
December 1st to February 28th - SGARS 2 Metre Contest

Thank you to Ken VK2BBQ for providing this summary of VK amateur radio contests for 2017

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